Australia Quran Day

Allhamdullilah by the will of Allah swt first major #NationalDawahCampaign was a huge success supported and contributed by many Dawah organizations and Dawah teams Quran Day is an annual event with more than 20 teams participating from across 4 different countries. We hope to expand to more countries inshAllah. Some of the participating countries are […]

Sunday Street Dawah

We operate a weekend Sunday street dawah on Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD every Sunday from 12-4 pm. Come and join!                     To join SMS us on 0430 438 758 No related posts.

Australia Quran Day

Sunday Street Dawah

10 Years of IREA's Dawah Mission


Alhamdullilah, by the help of Allah (swt) we have completed 10 years of meticulous Dawah maneuver since IREA’s establishment.It has been an amazing journey so far with brothers and sisters from all walks of life coming together for one purpose i.e. to do DAWAH to Non-Muslims.The list of amazing individuals is exhaustive without whom we wouldn’t have come this far, May Allah bless them all and grant them success in this world and the hereafter.
Over 10 years, we have postulated various projects focussing on DAWAH to Non-Muslims as well as nurturing the Muslim community around us.

Some of our major outreach programs are:

• Street Dawah
• Australian Islamic Peace Conference
• ‘Say No To Islamophobia’ campaign
• Craigieburn Masjid and Community Centre
• ‘Free Quran’ Campaign
• Dawah Studio
• ‘Dawah Talk’ Media-The Islamic Way
• ‘Dawah Made Easy’ Chat-Show


• 800 Dawah stalls across Australia
• 50,000 Quran Copies
• 30 Interfaith events and Public Debates
• 4 Major Peace Conferences
• 500 Public Lectures
• 400 Friday Sermons
• 100,000 Dawah Materials (Books, Pamphlets, DVDs)
By the Will of Allah (swt) more than 200 Australians accepted Islam, may Allah keep them steadfast.
Once again we thank & appreciate our donors, volunteers, supporters and well-wishers for helping us reach these targets.
We would like to announce our next megaproject ‘DAWAH TOUR DE AUSTRALIA 2022’ on this auspicious occasion.

IREA is an Australian not for profit, comparative religion based Dawah organization that aims to promote the real message of Islam through education and dialogue.